So What Does Wild Boar Hog  Taste Like?

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It was out of necessity in preparing so much wild boar meat, that I assembled these wild boar hog recipes. You see, I live in Florida, USA where there is an abundance of wild hogs available for the taking. I was always looking for different ways to prepare the meat that was brought home. With current gas and food prices the way they are, I am extremely pleased at being able to provide the food on my table for free. I truly enjoy the meat in various recipes and hope you enjoy the recipes as well. Just a little bit of history surrounding the problems of this nuisance critter here in Florida. Here’s a thought to ponder…..Wild boar birth control?

Anyway, yes……it may be hard for most to believe, boar doesn’t taste like chicken, (not everything tastes like chicken)!

Everyone has their opinion regarding this issue, as all wild boar hogs may have different diets according to their environment, they are what they eat! Therefore, the boar’s diet, including the game preparation in regards to tenderizing, marinating, etc. all factor into the taste of the boar meat. I have always enjoyed it smoked and boy how wonderful and tender the meat is if done right. Once I get live hogs home into their pen, I feed them cracked corn for a couple months and fatten them up with commercial hog feed for their last month. Weather bbq’d or smoked, baked or broiled, you just can’t beat the end result of in the ground pit cooking either! (Yes, Hawaiian Luau style) Gotta check out the ground cooking video here!

Boar meat is of course leaner than your store bought pork roast, so it will have to be tenderized to some degree prior to cooking, a very
young hog will cook up just fine due to it being much more tender than an older hog. If you are fearful of the “wild” taste of game, I highly recommend MY TIPS, a simple boar meat preparation method for any game meat!

I welcome your comments on the taste of wild boar, and where and how it was prepared to give readers a heads up.  If you have a wonderful boar, hog recipe that you would like to share, don’t hesitate to post in comments section, or email me and I will add to the site!  Please don’t post spam comments, as it gets automatically deleted.

You will find links in the right column that have a variety of wild boar hog recipes listed free to try and enjoy.

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ecover So, What does wild boar hog taste like?


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